Thursday February 02,

Honor Diaries

by Deborah Rankin



Euthanasia’s failure of ethical imagination

by Margaret Somerville



Hammer Head

by Peter Stockland


"Blind" Not Black and White

by Deborah Rankin

All kids must know mom and dad

by Deborah Rankin


Catholics Bridging Heaven and Science

by Brent Gerchicoff


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Unseamly explores seamy side of fashion

by Deborah Rankin

There are few things more unseemly than sexual harassment and the ugly round of accusations, denials, and counter-accusations that ensue when an employee decides to take down an employer for inappropriate conduct and it’s all laid out in Infinitheatre’s stylish production of Oren Safdie’s play Unseamly , co-directed by Guy Sprung and Sarah Carlsen at Le Bain St-Michel.


Second thought: Book of Bob fills odd groove

by Deborah Rankin

It is a theological truism that God is present in every era and so she is in The Book of Bob, Arthur Holden’s new play.

This contemporary uptake on the Book of Job pits Bob, a middle-aged professor, against the main actors in his life.


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Hope the Pope will condemn Russia’s anti-gay laws

by Brent Gerchicoff

As I sat watching the beautiful opening ceremonies of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, I was reminded of some of the humanitarian issues revolving around the games that has been in the news in recent weeks. The games proving entertaining, especially in terms of the men's and women's hockey, which I am watching with keen interest. However, the drama is not limited to the field competition of various Olympians.


Faith and Government

by Brent Gerchicoff

The Quebec government is actively debating whether or not one has the right to decide to continue life under difficult circumstances. The National Assembly could pass Bill 52, known as "The Act Respecting the End of Life Care" as early as mid-February. It would legalize "medically assisted dying" following a model from the Netherlands and Belgium that has allowed euthanasia dating back to 2002..


Do Catholics need to raise our gaze?

by John Zucchi

Have you ever sat through a boring homily and walked out  of Church with a frown on your face, or,  if you’re a priest, discussed your ideas about modern society in a homily and wondered why everyone’s sleeping or irritated?


Will there be a “Cardinal Frances” from Pope Francis?

by Alan Hustak

Pope Francis will hold his first consistory of cardinals in February at which time he is expected to name a dozen new cardinals. There is widespread speculation that he will do so from outside the curia, the bureaucrats who run the church, which he has described as “the leprosy of the Vatican.”


Sunday evening calming down

by Stacy Charasidis

Who knew the Sunday Mass obligation could be a last chance for peaceful prayer instead of another item on the hectic to-do list? At times, the last thing anyone wants to do on a Sunday night is go out, again, even if it is for yourself, for an hour of peace in an otherwise hectic weekend.


Building human character, how do we do it?

By Brian C. M. Barrett

One of the topics that has peaked my interest in the last while is the subject of developing character. For the past forty-one years I have been a member of a Fraternity whose aim it is to “build better men for a better world”.


Between the Rock of St. Peter and a Hard Place

By Brent Gerchicoff

The case in Syria is a complicated one, involving many grey areas and no clear path to take. However, as Roman Catholics, seeing injustices and human rights violations necessitates some course of action.


Last Night at the Gayete


By Deborah Rankin

The Centaur Theatre's - season is drawing to a close with its final production of Last Night at the Gayety, a musical comedy by Bowser & Blue which runs until May 22nd.

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