Thursday December 15

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Last Night at the Gayete

Review by Deborah Rankin



On This Day

Review by Deborah Rankin



The Word Community

By Father John Walsh



Charter Rights to Freedom of Conscience, Religion, and Free Speech Under Attack

By Deborah Rankin



Leaders' Faith Examined

By Alan Hustak



History in the Air

By Kathleen Rose Kennedy



Rodin and the Hands of God

By Kathleen Rose Kennedy



Singer Gives Voice to the Voiceless

By Kathleen Rose Kennedy



Fringe Delights: Montreal's annual Fringe Festival for

By Deborah Rankin



Mental Health 101: Finding Nirvana in a Cup of Coffee and Other Secrets of Happiness

By Deborah Rankin



No Mother Teresa in Triplex Nervosa

By Deborah Rankin



Envelope on the Money

by Deborah Rankin



Mom's the Word

by Deborah Rankin



Justin Doubles Up

by Deborah Rankin



Sudan Landing in Winnipeg

by Deborah Rankin



Montreal’s Naked Bike Ride Returns

by Deborah Rankin



Last Night at the Gayete


By Deborah Rankin

The Centaur Theatre's - season is drawing to a close with its final production of Last Night at the Gayety, a musical comedy by Bowser & Blue which runs until May 22nd.

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The love of God, which can look into the heart of each person and see the deepest desire hidden there, must take primacy over all else.

by Pope Francis

Pillars Trust Fund

Paul Donovan walks the Camino Ignatiano

Follow former Loyola High School principal, Paul Donovan, as he walks the famous 700km Camino Ignatiano.



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