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Ville Marie Online is currently allowing users to authenticate themselves through any of the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, or contact our essays writers at https://essayswriters.com/ 

This effort should make it much easier for everyone to share great content, not to mention foregoing another set of credentials to remember.


First time account creation/sync

The first time you choose the 'Log in with XXXX' button, you will be prompted to accept the terms of our social media application. Accepting the terms will allow VMO to establish a trusted relationship with your social media site.



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The next time you visit VMO (and you are logged into Facebook), you should receive a quick popup message stating that your credentials are being used to authenticate you, and you will be ready to interact!



Connecting through social media is optional

This service is optional. Anyone may simply create an account with VMO and interact without the use of any social media site.


Additional information:

  • Ville Marie Online does NOT collect any information from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn beyond what is required to create an account.
  • Ville Marie Online will not receive your password from any social media site.
  • All information transferred between VMO and any site is encrypted (SSL).
  • Logging out of VMO will not log you out of the social media site you used to log in.

Last Night at the Gayete


By Deborah Rankin

The Centaur Theatre's - season is drawing to a close with its final production of Last Night at the Gayety, a musical comedy by Bowser & Blue which runs until May 22nd.

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The logic behind charity is to be willing to give up everything so that unity and love prevail.

by Pope Francis

Father Dowd Trust Fund

Paul Donovan walks the Camino Ignatiano

Follow former Loyola High School principal, Paul Donovan, as he walks the famous 700km Camino Ignatiano.



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