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Loyola High School

  • A Son of Loyola

    Richard Meagher was still a boy in the 1960s when his father, Ed, became vice-principal of Loyola High School.  At that time, Jesuits ran the school and held all of its key administrative positions. As a layman, Ed Meagher had little hope of becoming principal.  So it is perhaps with a profound sense of satisfaction that his son, Richard, was named principal of the school in August, succeeding Paul Donovan in the position.

  • Donovan leaves as Loyola principal

    Paul Donovan the principal of Loyola High school who took the Quebec government to court for the right to teach religion and ethics from a catholic perspective will leave the post at the end of July.  He will be succeeded by Richard Meagher, a former vice-principal and now director of the intermural athletic program.

  • Good news for private schools

    As the clock ticks down on the month of June, time runs out at last for one of English Montreal’s storied private Catholic schools.

    As VMO reported in January, Queen of Angels Academy in Dorval will shut down officially on June 30, part of its property sold to a developer, some teachers retiring and its remaining students dispersed to other schools when the academic year begins again in September.

Last Night at the Gayete


By Deborah Rankin

The Centaur Theatre's - season is drawing to a close with its final production of Last Night at the Gayety, a musical comedy by Bowser & Blue which runs until May 22nd.

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Pillars Trust Fund

Paul Donovan walks the Camino Ignatiano

Follow former Loyola High School principal, Paul Donovan, as he walks the famous 700km Camino Ignatiano.



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